I’m Moving!

Good Afternoon Everyone, I hope you are all as well as can be.

Well, there is no point in me blabbering on given the title of this blog post I might as well tell you now that I AM MOVING!!

I will put it out there now that I am extremely excited and I haven’t stopped smiling since the news was finalised yesterday!

Thanks to James one of the most ambitious and driven people I know as well as a friend, we are relocating to Cardiff. James has been working on some business related matters for almost a year now; which we knew would eventually lead us to relocating to Cardiff. It has been a rollercoaster of a year!


Things haven’t exactly gone to plan up until now. We thought we would be moving last June, August, September, October, December, January and now finally in February we can confirm that we are moving!

It’s safe to say that the last 10 months have been extremely stressful. Late night meetings, paperwork, business meetings, trip to and from Cardiff (it is only now though that we realise my blue badge gets me across the bridge for free!).

However, it has all finally come together. We have a lovely house not far from the city. A lovely big garden, which I can’t wait to spend time in as the warmer months come around. Unfortunately in my current house that is something I am not able to do. We will have a spare bedroom for our friends and family to stay and the house is filled with lovely natural light! Again not something we get from our current house.

Thankfully in anticipation of our move James and I began packing two weeks ago so, although our move in a weeks time is really rather scary I think we are relatively prepared?


Packing has been stressful, unfortunately packing is not really something I am very capable of doing independently. Although I did get some done the other day thanks to my friend Eleanor – thanks Eleanor! Otherwise during the days I rest, waiting for James to come home to we can eat dinner and pack.

If I hadn’t made it clear already I am very excited and happy to be moving. I know most people say the same thing about the place they grow up however, I must say I have never intended on staying in Newbury my whole life. I have always “wanted out” for want of  better words. I want to explore, I want to experience new things and I want to feel as though I have lived.

Although as my health has decreased over the last year or two I continued to tightly grasp onto these dreams until at point. I hit a point in my life where I thought that perhaps this is it. This is me. This is the way it’s gunna be.


Quite frankly I am not having that! Bad health or not I still intend on doing something with my life. I still intend on exploring the world we live in. I still intend on living as limitless as possible. Chronic Illness and Disability will not rain on my parade!

IMG_2914 2

I am very excited for James and I to start a new adventure, I am of course a little (or a lot) scared but that just reminds me that I am (somewhat?) normal. I am of course moving away from friends and family but I don’t doubt that they will happily invite themselves to stay… I mean I will of course be inviting them to come and stay and well when it comes to our friends they are all living such busy and exciting lives now it’s rare that we are able to track them all down. I equally however, don’t doubt that our pub catch up’s and BBQ’s will continue.

Some of you may also know that as well as living with James we also currently have a housemate, Ed. He will be staying in Newbury and I am sure he will be over soon to boss James out of BBQ duty so he can take over! I must say we will miss him and I honestly can’t decide what’s worse… living with two boys? or living with one?


It’s not all sad goodbyes though as I will be closer to one of my best friends. I will be close enough for her to visit by train and vice versa once I have my new wheels and am able to travel independently again!

Having my Power Assist Add On for my Wheelchair is also a BIG part of our move. Wherever I am living I would like the opportunity to be independent again. To be able to go out and about easily and without weeks of planning. However, it is even more important to me with our move to Cardiff. It will allow me to go out, meet new people and explore a new place from the start. To feel confident in myself and the city I will be living in. It will make visiting friends and family much easier. It also means that when they visit me we can do more than just sit inside for a few days. It will also make those inevitable hospital and GP visits much easier.

James and I will be back and forth for the first few weeks due to prior commitments and hospital appointments. Don’t worry we will be moving all of our appointments/clinics to our new hospitals. To reassure anyone who may be curious these are conversations we have both already had with our relevant doctors etc. They all plan (and we hope) for smooth transitions. A part of our back and forth will also include coming back this way for my Power Assist Add On to be added to my Wheelchair!!

I am of course going to “sneakily” note that we haven’t quite yet reached our total. We are £820.00 away from our goal! My Power Add On is due to arrive within the next few weeks and it would be a HUGE stress relief to know that we have reached our goal and I am able to use it as soon as possible! If you are able to donate or share my Go Fund Me page I would be incredibly grateful! I honestly think that 2018 could be a good year.

I also feel I should probably apologise in advance for the excitement you will see through my social media pages specifically Twitter and Instagram. I do intend to take you on this new adventure with us however, I do need to try my best to save my energy where possible! My spoons are already lacking! I would though like to show the realities of moving with a Chronic Illness. So please bare with me and my blogs over the next few weeks.

Anyway I have gone on for far too long now. If you have spent time or live in Cardiff do let me know where I need to explore etc. I have already tried the mini golf in St. Davids – I loved it! Also because they have a club that allows you to play from a wheelchair, but that’s a post for another time!


A very excitable goodbye for now!


One thought on “I’m Moving!

  1. Go Holly!! I am so glad you are you are not letting chronic illness & disability limit you more than it already does. Go chase those dreams, follow those rainbows & live life as full as it can be. xxx

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