My Gastroscopy Experience – What is a Gastroscopy?

Last Saturday I had a Gastroscopy.
Yes, on a Saturday! That possibly felt the most unfair of all of it.

What is a Gastroscopy?
For a Gastroscopy they used something called a Gastroscope which has a camera attached to look at the inside of the food pipe, the stomach and the first part of the intestine (duodenum). Doing this allows them to diagnose some conditions affecting these areas. They may also take a few biopsies (a few samples of soft tissue).

I had a Gastroscopy in 2016, I was talked out of sedation after waiting even longer to have one with sedation and I only had the throat spray. The room was full of doctors, nurses, I was super uncomfortable and I guess I  panicked and it didn’t go well, I stopped breathing. As they were about to take over my breathing I began to breathe for myself.

After this experience I’m sure you can imagine that I was not looking forward to this whatsoever.

I had previously told my consultant I would not do this however, following an appointment with a registrar and a discussion about a possible genetic condition we decided it may be worth taking a few biopsies.

Procedure day came and I was A MESS! James was amazing & they allowed him to stay with me until I went into the procedure room.

We had issues with placing a cannula 3 nurses and 3 tries but we got there, although my hand was left incredibly bruised. We weren’t going to do throat spray as my experience last time was awful however, we decided to try half the amount i.e. 5 sprays and it wasn’t  too bad.

The spray has a long nozzle on it and previously in 2016 this was pushed to the very back of my throat and I was awful! However, we tried the 5 sprays and I decided I wanted to go ahead with the 10 as the nurse held it at the front of my mouth. Don’t get me wrong the spray is disgusting but this was far more bearable and I really wanted to reduce any possible pain.

I was given some oxygen via a nasal cannula as I was having sedation, they placed a mouth guard and I was given sedation. I had spoken to a few people who have had sedation before and they told me they remembered the start of their procedure but not feeling anything and then remembering the end.

Holly has her hair in a pony tail and is wearing slightly rounded purple glasses. She is laying on a hospital bed with a white pillow behind her. She has a nasal cannula for oxygen, a heart rate monitor on her left hand index finger which sits on her chest and a cannula in the back of that hand.
Super unflattering photo however, post procedure, still slightly sedated Holly felt the need to take a selfie! I think I thought sending this to my Mum would explain that I was okay…

The last thing I remember was them giving me the sedation, I semi remember feeling like they were possibly moving me somewhere else. Then I just remember being in recovery and feeling really sleepy.

They kept an eye on my blood pressure during recovery as it had dropped significantly during the procedure but I was absolutely fine and felt fine other than feeling really sleepy. I stayed in recovery for a little bit as I was super sleepy. I tried to sleep off the sleepy however, the nurses kept waking me up because they thought something was wrong.

Little did they know it was the best sleep I’d had in years!

I went home feeling fine, James and I had a super lazy afternoon lounging around and watching movies.

Sunday was really difficult swallowing wise in the top of my throat and around my chest however, I stuck to purees for dinner and by Monday that pain was gone and I ‘just’ had my usual throat pain and swallowing difficulties.

I am so grateful to James and the amazing nurses that looked after me. They were all incredibly understanding and were super lovely. Especially the nurses in recovery. I think it helped that sedated Holly was very sleepy and very happy and I smiled at the nurses, a lot. I remember them asking me a lot of questions and I remember answering them and well… we all know I’m a chatter box.

It will take a while to get my biopsies back and I will need to see Gastro to get them. I am currently trying to bring forward my appointment following a recent visit with the surgeon as well as my Gastroscopy.

As usual I will update once I know more. If you don’t hear anything on my blog then I am usually more active over on Instagram or Facebook.

I hope you’re all doing as well as possible and I will speak to you all soon!

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