What is EDS/HSD?

May is EDS/HSD Awareness Month. Thank you if you are reading this, I hugely appreciate your support in raising awareness for these conditions, please help us by sharing this post on your social media platforms.  *Disclaimer, I am not a medical professional. I also speak primarily about hEDS/HSD as I have a diagnosis of Hypermobility Syndrome and have more experience discussing this* What is EDS/HSD? The Ehlers-Danlos … Continue reading What is EDS/HSD?

I have PoTS – Cardiology Update

The big cardiology appointment. I was expecting to write one of two posts. One would be me celebrating a diagnosis, we finally had a name for the symptoms and the months of feeling so poorly. The second would be me yelling PLOT TWIST as something completely new and random popped up. What I am going to write is neither. I have a diagnosis, in fact … Continue reading I have PoTS – Cardiology Update